Zharko Popovski

QR Code Ready... finally Beta

After more than two years and countless hours of development, my hobby SaaS project has finally entered the beta testing phase. Upon registering and confirming their email, users are granted unrestricted access to the platform. This means that they can create an unlimited number of static and dynamic QR codes, manage other user accounts, and track the analytics for the scanned dynamic QR codes.

QR Code Ready will remain in beta until all the existing bugs have been fixed, and the necessary UI improvements have been made. In addition, I have set my sights on completing the dynamic QR codes pages, namely the PDF reader, MP3 player, Video player, and the dynamic QR codes for the landing page which still remain unfinished.

Everyone is welcome to join in the beta testing phase of QR Code Ready. Your feedback is valuable and will help to improve and refine the platform. Thank you for your interest and participation in helping to make QR Code Ready the best it can be.

Visit the QR Code Ready and give it a try by clicking on the following link: https://qr-code-ready.com .

Please send your feedback or any suggestion on the following email address: feedback[at]qr-code-ready.com .